High Brow Beach Reads

February 22, 2012 | windsor

Before you know it, summer will be here. Daydreaming about a trip to the beach? This summer you might enjoy one of these non-traditional beach books. They're all sure to entertain:

The Beach by Alex Garland
This thrilling adventure follows a backpacker named Richard as he seeks out a legendary beach in Thailand. In the search for and discovery of this incredible Eden, danger is always around the corner, and man's tendency to corrupt the sanctuarys they seek becomes a grim, sometimes shocking reality.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
Beautifully contempletive and passionately written, Milan Kundera's masterpiece is a wonderful novel to discover on the beach. It's easy philosophizing and bittersweet romance make a great match for ocean breezes and long, sunny afternoons.

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
Inspired by real events, Shantaram is a thrilling tale of crime, love, and redemption in the streets of Mumbai. After escaping from prison in Australia, Lindsay finds himself in India, where his adventure takes him deep into the slums, high up in the world of crime, and fighting on battlefields both real and figurative.

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman 
Everyone's read Harry Potter by now, so maybe it's time to move on to something similar. Philip Pullman's incredible three novel achievement follows a young girl named Lyra on an incredible adventure through parallel universes.

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut
This wildly funny and inventive satire is full of inventive storytelling and memorable characters. The loose plot centers on Dwayne Hoover, a car salesman who starts to think that the fiction of his favorite writer is actually the truth.

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